As you know South Louisiana has been devastated by recent floods, including our beloved LSU campus. We have partnered with the school to collect donations and items to help with the flood relief victims in the area. They are in need of anything from clothing to baby food, even trash bags for debris. We will be collecting items at our kickoff party coming up this Saturday, August 20th at Brother’s Houligan on 41st. Please consider donating! Remember “We Are Louisiana Strong!”


  1. Rubber Boots (All Sizes – Even Kids), Disposable Rain Ponchos -Gloves (All Types),
  2. Hand Sanitizer, Bleach, Liquid Soap (Dawn Dish Soap works best for removing mold and mildew), Wet Wipes (big containers from Sam’s/Costco), Damp Rid (All Container Sizes)
  3. Batteries (All Sizes), Flash Lights, FIRST AID KITS
  4. Non-Perishable Food Items, Baby Food/Powdered Milk, Disposable Diapers (Kids & Adults)
  5. Buckets, Mops, Large Plastic Push Brooms, Sponges, Paper Towels/Rags, Trash Bags, Boxes, Dust/Surgical Masks By The Box
  6. Utility Knives With Extra Blades (for cutting sheetrock out of the affected houses and businesses)
  7. Pet Items – Dog food, Cat food, Kitty Litter